Ut Pictura Poesis (wanderlustlover) wrote in tea_exchange,
Ut Pictura Poesis

Terrific and Exciting Tea Exchange

Name/nickname: Wanderlustlover
Age: 24 (birthday in a few months)
Location: Texas
Tea you like: I love trying almost all teas I haven't yet, and most I have. I am for bagged and loose and everything else.
Tea you hate: I don't love very bitter tea's a lot, but I am willing to try one if it's a favorite you think I should.
Pen pals, tea exchange or both: Would love to be exchanging tea. Absolutely would not hate if the tea came with letters.
Other interests: All sorts of things, see my profile for a small collection of them.
Anything else: I really really love tea. And letters.
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Welcome to the group.
Thank you!
You are welcome.
I'd love to be your tea-buddy. I - too - don't like bitter teas (I'm tend to steep my teas for shorter because I'm kind of a wimp about it). Loose teas are the best, but there are some good bag teas as well :)