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The Great Tea Exchange
20 most recent entries

Date:2010-09-16 00:43

There haven't been any posts on here in a while, but still worth a try!

Name/nickname: Phylicia
Age: 20
Location: Arizona (USA)
Tea you like: mint, peach green, chai!, most spice teas
Tea you hate: ??? When I hate one it's usually because I brewed wrong...
Penpals, tea exchange or both: Tea exchange !
Other interests: ... various?
Anything else:

I really really really want someone to look deep into their hearts and choose like 2 bags of as many different teas as they have, and send them to me as a super-variety pack (labelled with flavor and brand!) so that I can try a bunch of brands and flavors all at once. I'm especially interested in trying dessert & chocolate teas now that I heard they exist. However I literally want to try Every. Tea. Ever.

Would definitely pay for this service! Price would depend on how many types you sent.

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Date:2008-09-04 15:03
Subject:hi hallo

Name/nickname: Gun
Age: will be 24 this november
Location: indonesia
Tea you like: green tea, cinnamon tea, lemongrass tea, javanesse sweet tea, fruit tea, herbal tea, dark tea.. etc.
Tea you hate: none so far
Penpals, tea exchange or both: both! and lj friends are welcome too
Other interests: design, art, travelling, culture, music
Anything else: hmmm what else?

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Date:2008-08-16 19:25
Subject:Intro post!
Mood: cheerful

Hi! :)

Name/nickname: Sofia
Age: 20
Location: Ann Arbor, MI
Tea you like: Green tea, mint, green (Dragon Pearl Jasmine is my FAVORITE) & chrysanthemum blend, earl grey, ti kuan yin, and I am completely ADDICTED to chai with soy milk... that's what I get for working at a cafe with the BEST tea.
Tea you hate: Anything strongly flavored.
Penpals, tea exchange or both: Both!
Other interests: Books, good food, homey cafes, art, Beehouse, you know!
Anything else: I just created a new community that some of you might like! :) realmendrinktea Invite your friends!

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Date:2008-06-27 15:47
Subject:Anyone up for a trade?
Mood: thirsty

So I have the following teas up for trade:

  • A blend of Rooibos Orange and Rooibos Vanilla from Teavana (half and half), 2 oz worth.
  • Kaleisia's Belmora green tea, 1-2 oz.
  • Kaleisia's White Swiss Truffle rooibos tea (soon to be discountinued), up to 2ish oz

Would anyone like to trade? :D I love rooibos and fun herbals (no sour or fruit herbals), and white tea. I'm not really good at measuring tea, but I always underestimate. :)

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Date:2008-06-20 13:50
Mood: hopeful

Name/nickname: Laura
Age: 23
Location: Maryland
Tea you like: Chai (I am lucky enough to have future in-laws who are Indian, they introduced me to the wonderful world of chai), herbal tea (especially peppermint, mmm), black tea, flavored tea, okay... pretty much any tea.
Tea you hate: I have never met a tea that I didn't like.
Penpals, tea exchange or both: Both! (and also livejournal friends is always fun too)
Other interests: I am obsessed with music (not making it, sadly, just listening to it) and creative writing (reading and writing!)
Anything else: I think that's pretty much it.

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Date:2008-06-20 12:34
Mood: amused

Name/nickname: Casey
Age: 25
Location: Texas
Tea you like: Black and White teas of any flavor
Tea you hate: spiced teas such as Chai and herbal teas
Penpals, tea exchange or both: both
Other interests: Too many to list
Anything else: No not really :)

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Date:2008-05-31 19:34
Subject:My sweet excape with this luxury elixir
Mood: entranced

Oh holy hell. I just received a gift of Guyokuro Japanese tea, Tsuen Tea from a friend. It is a 100g bag of hand picked, shade grown high-grade leaves, of which matcha powder is derived. Tsuen Tea is Japan's oldest and most distinguished Tea company. Tsuen literally means: "A Tea Master who serves tea for travelers by the Uji River." The first tea master created this company, and is where the Japanese tea ceremony was born.

The anticipation was half the pleasure. Upon opening the sealed package, the aroma enveloped my senses, and I literally took a minute (or two) to sink my self into its intoxicating scent.

I knew it would be an exhilarating experience when I saw how luxuriously dark green and moist the leaves were!! The anticipation was building and building now. I selected my "comfort cup" which is actually a coconut shell crafted into a tea bowl and prepared this dark green delight with the truest of intentions and eager curiosity to what sensations awaited.

I've never had the honor of drinking high grade before. The mere fact that it was also acquired as a gift added to the meaning and appreciation of this tradition-honored, highest of high, teas.

Now I don't usually light a candle or 'set a mood' to enjoy my tea, but wanted to envelop as many senses in this experiences as I could, with the sincerest of intentions. This way, I believe, will imprint added levels to my first time of trying this time honored tea. I smiled with an extra glow as I pulled out a Japanese incense that a dear friend gave me for my last birthday, rolled out a bamboo matt, placed the tea in front of me, while sitting cross-legged.

I teetered in my decision between meditation music or a heavenly Thunderstorm soundtrack. Considering the affect thunderstorms have on my senses, I chose the thunderstorm.

I closed my eyes, took a minute to mentally thank the individual who spoiled me with this treat, placed my hands on my happy coconut tea-bowl, raised it to my face after the slow hand under hand half turn, breathed in the intoxicating aroma which really did send my eyes rotating up and back from the almost erotic under tones of its olfactory effects.

This alone sent my energy into a near meditative state. Refocusing myself, I bonded with my tea bowl and partook of what I had built all this anticipation and suspense for.

It was everything I hoped it would be, and more. I didn't close my eyes on purpose this time, it happened naturally as the soft, sweet, ever so delicate flavor washed over my unworthy taste buds. I did not swallow right away, letting my mouth embody every layer of flavor and sensation this silky liquid blessed it with.

Reflecting on my appreciation of this encounter, I realize my description and choice of words is a bit over the top, but what can I say, I'm a leo, and am extremely passionate about matcha. So, my first encounter with the "mother" of my green god-send deserves my highest respect and sincerity.

Even if you don't have the same passion or love for this incredible species of the botanic kingdom, I assure you, that you will have a new appreciation for tea, if not an entirely different respect for it.

As I don't take my recommendations lightly, if you decide to try this diva of teas, I promise, unless you are an experienced tea connoisseur, comparing this creature to your typical teas found in the grocery store or tea shop, is akin to comparing Ahi tuna to the common shredded, pale version you find canned in the super market.

You will love this tea, no matter your back ground, insight, or expectations on the nature of tea.

x-posted to my lj, matcha_matcha, tea_friends, pdx_teasociety, teafreaks

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Date:2008-03-07 19:16
Mood: awake

Name/nickname: Just call me Khlara
Age: 24
Location: Daly City, CA
Tea you like: Pretty much anything.
Tea you hate: Lapsong Suchong/Russian Caravan. Grass teas.
Penpals, tea exchange or both: both
Other interests: cross stitching, looking at quilts, reading, writing, more reading, and techno/trance music. Oh and cooking.
Anything else: I'm willing to ship worldwide as long as it's not something the size of my head. I like both loose leaf and bagged teas.

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Date:2001-01-06 23:42

Name/nickname: Jenny
Age: 23
Location: Germany
Tea you like: jasmine, green, apple, orange, I love to try new teas
Tea you hate: black, red fruity teas
Penpals, tea exchange or both: both
Other interests: crafting, music, reading
Anything else: I like to trade other nice little things as well, like fb's or some of my selfmade stuff.

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Date:2008-02-03 18:46

Name/nickname: homsan
Age: 27
Location: Sweden
Tea you like: jasmine, vanilla, oolongs and spicy teas
Tea you hate: green, fruity
Penpals, tea exchange or both: tea exchange
Other interests: reading, recycling
Anything else:
teas i have to trade:

- Stash Premium Green Tea (13)
- Bad Heilbrunner Lapacho with green tea and orange aroma (2)

- spiced tea from Nepal
- Spring Cherry Green Tea
- Jasmine Black Tea
- Mango
- White Pear
- Hidegard von Bingen (apple, coriander, fennel, rosehip, spearmint, anise, cornflower, lemonbalm)

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Date:2008-01-17 17:52
Subject:Teas I now have...

Just went through my tea collection a little (again), and I have some Tazo Joy and Berryblossom White if anyone wants any. Might be interested in trading different kinds too, some of you have what looks like good tea! It's also good to see more people posting here.

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Date:2008-01-15 21:35
Subject:List time. I should have done this first...
Mood: bored

So it took me awhile, but I gathered together what I've got for Tea's and listed them.
For those of you who haven't already commented or e-mailed me, this is a significantly more comprehensive list of what I've got than all the mumbo jumbo in the comments on my last entry.
under the cutCollapse )

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Date:2008-01-15 09:11

Name/nickname: Charles/iguanahey

Age: 37

Location: Northwest Washington

Tea you like: Traditional loose-leaf Chinese teas, particularly those that can be served gung fu style. Greens, oolongs, reds, pu-erhs, whatever!

Tea you hate: Bagged teas -- it's hard to go back after good loose-leaf!

Penpals, tea exchange or both: Both. Not sure how cost-effective tea exchange will be in the long run, but it sounds like a fun experiment! I'm always keen on trying new teas.

Other interests: Photography, Thai/Indian/Chinese cooking, tea history, counter-culture relationship dynamics.

Anything else: My wife and I run an informal tea club for our friends and have dipped our toe in selling loose-leaf teas locally, so we have tons of spare tea lying around to trade! It's all loose-leaf though.

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Date:2008-01-15 08:19

Name/nickname: Alysia
Age: 21
Location: Toronto, Canada
Tea you like: Black teas mostly, Hanrey and Sons Paris, Kusumi's Prince Vladimir and Tetley's Vanilla Earl Grey are my favorites
Tea you hate: Green Tea, Herbal Tea, White tea
Penpals, tea exchange or both: Both, but I could only manage 2 more penpals at the most
Other interests: Knitting, Warcraft, Reading, History, Movies
Anything else: I'm in my 3rd year of my BA in History at the University of Toronto and I watch ALOT of TV.

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Date:2008-01-14 18:32

Hey so I have 3 kinds of teas up for trade.

I have Tetley:
Specialty Tea a blend of Orange Pekoe and Strawberry (20)
Rooibos Vanilla - Herbal Tea (24)

English Tea from Marks and Spencers - Gold Tea (a bunch)


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Date:2008-01-15 09:46
Mood: thoughtful

Name: Jesswah Jessinoray Jessio (nicknames) Jess is my name

Age: Twenty two
Location: Australia

Tea you like:       
White tea, Buddha's Tears green tea, Jasmine Pearl tea, Russian Caravan,
Gunpowder green tea, Tulsi tea (Indian), Masala Chai, Oolong tea,
Clipper Organic Ayurvedic tea (Vata 'calming': jasmine, cardamom,
licorice, green tea), Organic / Fair Trade black tea.

Tea you hate:      
Dandelion root, Clipper Organic Ayurvedic
(Pitta 'rejuvinating': fenugreek, cardamom, lemon, gotu kola)

Penpals, tea exchange or both: both

Other interests:   
Craft making (felt crafts, knitting, sewing) , my ferret Elroy, Travel, Bollywood films, India,
Bikram (hot yoga) & Vinyasa power yoga, Blythe, Good ol' letter writing, Music festivals,
Seeing my fave bands live, Playing old-school nintendo, Vintage Mustangs, Photography, Art,
I'm fascinated by dreams & symbolism/meanings.

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Date:2008-01-14 15:29
Subject:New here.
Mood: cold

Name/nickname: M, although the full name is Emily.
Age: 19 (Soon to turn 20)
Location: Boston area, Massachusetts
Tea you like: I really love white tea, it's my favorite. I also enjoy flavored black tea, green tea, oolong, Mate, Chai, I'll try anything really. I drink bagged tea as well as loose leaf, and I don't particularly have a preference.
Tea you hate: Rooibos. Don't know why, I just don't like it at all. I also don't like hibiscus that much, I've tried a few bags of earl grey. It's not my favorite thing in the world, although I remember liking it awhile back, maybe I just don't like Tazo's version of it, which is the last one I had.
Penpals, tea exchange or both: Tea exchange would be great, but I would not be opposed to getting letters as well. I will write back. I love letters.
Other interests: Coffee, The Food Network, reading, health/nutrition stuff, nice cars (I would kill to know more about cars), movies, home decorating, arts & crafts, hemp jewelry (I make some stuff, but nothing elaborate), & geology.
Anything else: I joined a few penpal communities awhile back and failed miserably at sending stuff out. I'm pretty sure I got banned. I am making a huge commitment to this community. Mostly because I have a car now that I can get to the post office with, so I will actually send stuff out and not just let the letters I write pile up in my bedroom without ever sending them out. This community also looks really interesting and would love to be an active part in it. =]

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Date:2008-01-14 07:51
Mood: awake

Name/nickname: Ravyn

Age: 28

Location: Bay Area, Northern California

Tea you like: I usually try any tea once, but I prefer black, and oolong teas.

Tea you hate: I think really vegetal oolongs and greens are pretty low on the list, and I have only found one white tea I liked.

Penpals, tea exchange or both: I would do both, as I miss writing, and I love receiving non junk-mail in the mailbox:)

Other interests: I love Lord of the Rings, LOST, and Rush. I am a printmaker, I draw, read, I practice martial arts....

Anything else: As I work for a certain company, please no TAZO, I get enough of it as it is:P


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Date:2008-01-14 09:00
Subject:Tea exchange!

Name/nickname: Tara
Age: 24
Location: Tampa, FL
Tea you like: White and Rooibos teas, pure or fruity flavored; I love jasmine and tropical flavors. I also appreciate a good Oolong.
Tea you hate: Black tea and Mate. I can't have caffeine, but I just don't like the taste. Also, CTC bag teas.
Penpals, tea exchange or both: Tea exchange! Penpaling is fun, but I'll admit, I'm awful at it.
Other interests: Knitting, cats, video games, organic soaps. Yes, I'm a cliche. XD
Anything else: I'm excited about this community! And please, don't send me any Teavana teas; I used to work for them, and I'm quite tired of their teas. :)

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Date:2008-01-13 21:49
Subject:Terrific and Exciting Tea Exchange

Name/nickname: Wanderlustlover
Age: 24 (birthday in a few months)
Location: Texas
Tea you like: I love trying almost all teas I haven't yet, and most I have. I am for bagged and loose and everything else.
Tea you hate: I don't love very bitter tea's a lot, but I am willing to try one if it's a favorite you think I should.
Pen pals, tea exchange or both: Would love to be exchanging tea. Absolutely would not hate if the tea came with letters.
Other interests: All sorts of things, see my profile for a small collection of them.
Anything else: I really really love tea. And letters.

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